What does true wealth look like? Is it simply money… or something more? And how does one achieve that wealth?

On The Next Wealth you find personal views on money, economics and personal finance in order to create a platform for a new way of thinking. How does money play a part in our society? People tend to think that we have to adapt to the world we live in. While in fact, it’s the other way around. You are able to create your own life, and therefore have the power to live life to the fullest, even without being dependent on money. The world will adapt to you, as long as you fulfill on your own purpose.

The vision on work and money is changing throughout our society. Working till 71 years old is not exactly the dreamy future we imagine. On The Next Wealth I write about those topics and aim to inspire, teach and motivate others to start to think about the possibilities of financial independence.

One of my personal goals is to achieve financial independence, on my own terms and according my own strategy. Mostly by investing in real estate and creating a steady cash flow we can live off. Our journey reflects many aspects and as a part of it, I will share all our successes & downfalls, our choices & doubts, strategies & personal tips about money, investing in real estate and finding a purpose.

Financial independence isn’t something you wait for, but you’ll have to create in the best possible moment: now

A couple of years ago me and my husband had set our mind on achieving financial independence, a target far away in the future. But in the meantime, this perception of ours has changed. We don’t really see FI as a target number we should hit in order to achieve it, but as a way to change our lives in the present and the future at the same time. A state of mind where we create our own opportunities, follow our passion and enjoy life. Financial Independence, for us, is a certain lifestyle that enables you to live life on your own terms. To be able to spend your precious time on the things you like and get energy from. And to have the freedom of choice, to do whatever we think is worth it or on what we choose to spend our money on. But most importantly, without feeling the pressure to earn (more) money from it. We want to do the things we love, and it might give us an income. But money is never the reason to pursue your life projects.